Frequently Asked Questions

What does Venyrs offer?

Great question! We offer an all-in-one solution that streamlines the process of attracting new bookings consistently. Specifically designed for venue owners by venue owners. We specialize in leveraging AI technology combined with Human expertise to enhance your venue's visibility, attract more bookings, and streamline your entire booking and event management processes. Our focus is on delivering targeted results and personalized strategies that align with your specific goals. We're not like other "generic one-size-fits-all" solution. We're growth partners in the Event venue space.

What sets Venyrs apart from other online marketplaces like Peerspace, Giggster, and Spacefy?

Venyrs offers several unique advantages compared to its competitors. First, We use targeted advertising campaigns and AI lead nurturing automation to secure bookings for your venue. Our system is designed to provide a completely hands-off booking process. We identify high-quality leads, engage them with personalized communication, and convert them into bookings so you never have to worry about managing inquiries or follow-ups. Also, we only charge a one-time monthly fee, unlike our competitors who charge a 15%-19% fee per client. Finally, your venue will not be listed alongside your competitors on our platform, ensuring exclusive, branded, and direct inquiries that help build your brand reputation and enhance your online presence. We help your clients find you no matter where they are looking.

Who is Venyrs... Are you the "real deal?"

Venyrs was born out of the real-life challenges and experiences of a group of young and passionate venue owners. As venue owners since 2015, we've experienced firsthand the trials of running an event space. Our journey, filled with costly mistakes and hard lessons cost us over $150,000. But we didn't give up. We delved deep, learning from our failures and market data. Through tireless effort, countless hours and setbacks, we developed Venyrs, a testament to our dedication. We have since embarked on a journey to share our solution with other ambitious venue owners. Currently working with a number of venue owners across the US and Canada. If you're not satisfied with Venyrs in the first 30 days, we'll not only refund your fee but also donate $1,000 to your chosen charity.

Can you help businesses outside the US & Canada?

Certainly! We've had the pleasure of collaborating with more than 100 boutiques and venues globally, and we're eager to get to know your business better!

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